Importing US Shale Gas Ethane for European Manufacturing

Hugh Carmichael, Director, Feedstocks Trading and Shipping, INEOS

At The Great Gas Reconfiguration: Pipe-dream or Reality?
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Speaker’s Biography

Hugh leads the Trading and Shipping activity of INEOS, with responsibility for 8mte pa feedstock supply to the European olefins crackers. He also runs INEOS Shipping, including INEOS’s fleet of the 8 Dragon ships bringing US ethane to the European crackers. He joined INEOS in 2001 following the acquisition of the ICI Chlorine business, and has worked in many different division of INEOS since then. He graduated from Durham University in 1988 with a degree in Applied Physics. After graduating, he joined ICI, where his career progressed through several roles from engineering and manufacturing management to raw material procurement onto business management. Hugh completed an MBA by open learning at Durham University in 1995, and is a board member of the European Petrochemical Feedstocks Association.

Need to know

INEOS is a young company. It has grown to become a leading chemical company with sales today of around $60 billion, and a rapidly growing Oil and Gas production company. Most of our employees have spent all their working lives in the chemical or oil industry. We continue unashamedly to extract best practices from this very impressive group of people in all spheres of activity. We believe INEOS is a refreshing place to work and we are prepared to embrace new approaches to business.