The Impact of Earthquakes Forcing a Decline in Dutch Gas Production

Volko de Jong, Managing Partner, Global Gas Networks Initiative (GGNI) B.V.

At The Great Gas Reconfiguration: Pipe-dream or Reality?
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Speaker’s Biography

Volko is Managing Partner at GGNI. He participates in local content and business development projects. Working all across the globe he completed projects in Europe, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Israel, Cyprus and Tanzania. Volko is a Fellow of the Energy Delta Institute (EDI), an international business school for energy with a focus on natural gas. As its first Managing Director of EDI, he established the cooperation between the founding partners Gasunie, Shell and Gazprom. With a PhD in econometric, Volko started his career in 1979 as professor at the Econometrics Department of the University of Groningen.

Need to know

GGNI provides international business and local content development programs in the energy business. GGNI was an initiative of Minister of Economic Affairs Maria van der Hoeven to promote the Netherlands as a natural gas. In 2013 GGNI has become a privately owned company. The mission of GGNI remains sharing and prom0ting the Dutch knowledge of natural gas and energy transition with partners around the word. GGNI’s unique selling point is that it is able to combine Government to Government, Knowledge to Knowledge and Business to Business programs into one integrated approach.