Diamond price trends: An increasingly divergent outlook

Anish Aggarwal, Partner, Gemdax

At Rolling Stones: Moss or Momentum? An insight into the gemstone industry
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Speaker’s Biography

Anish Aggarwal is co-founder and partner at Gemdax, an independent consultancy based in Antwerp that specialises in the diamond industry. He is key to a range of high-impact client projects across the supply chain. His particular focus areas have involved work with miners, diamond cutters/processors, and financial institutions. Specialities include strategy and organisational development. Prior to founding Gemdax, Anish worked as a consultant at Oliver Wyman in London, where his role entailed strategy development for the financial services sector. Anish is a recognised moderator and facilitator. He holds a degree from the University of Oxford.

Need to know

Gemdax is an independent, boutique consultancy focussed on the diamond industry. Founded in 2000, Gemdax has risen to become a leader in its field, bringing together leadership, fresh perspectives, and a result-oriented approach. Combining deep industry knowledge with a data-driven mindset, Gemdax’s main specialties are in strategy, analysis, finance, and stakeholder management. These specialties are unified through the organisation’s commitment to establishing competitive advantage in a changing industry environment. Gemdax goes beyond classical consultancy through active involvement in the implementation of strategic recommendations. The company’s clients include government organisations, miners, diamond processors, and financial investors seeking to enter the sector.