Julian Lee, Oil Strategist, Bloomberg

Supply, Demand and the Price of Oil

Julian Lee, Oil Strategist, Bloomberg

At Supply, Demand & The Price of Oil Event
3 November 2015
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Speaker’s Biography

Julian is Bloomberg News’ London-based Oil Strategist, writing primarily for terminal clients via Bloomberg First Word, where he has been since June 2014. He provides ‘real-time analysis’ of breaking news in the oil sector and has recently covered the impact of events in Iran, Iraq and Libya on oil markets, the fall in global crude oil prices and OPEC’s production dilemma. Julian’s opinions are frequently quoted on other Bloomberg channels and he continues to be sought by other media organisations. Prior to joining Bloomberg, Julian worked for 25 years at the Centre for Global Energy Studies, the energy think tank founded and chaired by former Saudi Arabian oil minister, Sheikh Ahmed Zaki Yamani.

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