The Miners’ Dilemma – A Longer-term Investor’s View

Peter Ruxton, Principal, Tembo Capital

At The Miners' Dilemma: Buy, Build or Buyback?
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Speaker’s Biography

Peter Ruxton trained as a geologist at the University of Leeds, UK, where he obtained a B.Sc. in Geological Sciences and a Ph.D. in Economic Geology. Peter spent 15 years in the Australasian mining industry – Billiton & Ross Mining – before returning to the UK to obtain an M.B.A. from the Universities of Manchester and Bangor. Peter joined the mining investment team at CDC in 2000 and transitioned into Actis in 2004, becoming a partner in 2006. Peter and two partners founded Tembo Capital, a private equity mining fund management group in 2014. Tembo is currently on its second fund with ~US$300m under management in 12 investments across developing counties.

Need to know

Tembo Capital is an investment advisor to two 10 years, closed-end, private equity funds, which target junior and mid-tier mining investment opportunities in developing countries. The Tembo Capital Investment Team has a wealth of technical and financial experience with significant in-house expertise in the fields of geology, mine engineering, metallurgy, mining finance and private equity. The team’s experience, coupled with a strong network of relationships in the mining industry, enables Tembo Capital to add long-term value to its investments through technical input, strategic guidance, financial solutions and industry introductions. Tembo Capital aims to work collaboratively with its investee companies through a long-term partnership approach.