Activity and Investment in the Battery Raw Materials sector

Robert Baylis, Managing Director, Roskill

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Speaker’s Biography

Robert Baylis is Managing Director of Roskill. Robert joined Roskill in 2006, focusing initially on the cobalt market, and moved onto analysing the lithium market in 2008, since when he has further strengthened Roskill’s position as the leading source of insight on this nascent market. He has visited all bar one of the America’s brine operations, and the Roskill lithium team – now extended to four people - add Australia and China to this. Robert has also worked on reports and projects across other battery raw materials, notably nickel, cobalt and graphite, as well as technology metals such as rare earths, scandium, tellurium and hafnium. Robert has presented widely on various topics concerning mineral and metal supply, end-use developments and trends.

Need to know

Roskill is a provider of research, consulting and events on EVs, battery and technology materials, steel alloys, industrial minerals and carbon and chemical products markets. With 50 years of research and 90 years of consulting expertise, Roskill specialises in providing the inside view on niche and opaque markets often dominated by private companies supplying diverse applications. Each of our commodity-specific reports gives a comprehensive analysis of an individual market, covering production and consumption, the operations of the major producers, international trade patterns, prices and forecasts. The breadth, depth, accuracy and expertise of our research is unrivalled. Accompanying briefings keep industry participants updated with quarterly or biannual trends. Our consultancy division offers a wide range of consulting services, including detailed market assessments, input to feasibility studies, due diligence for M&A, in-depth company and product profiles and go-to-market services. Our newly launched events business creates a forum for industry particpants to learn about and discuss the latest trends. We are an independent, privately owned company, so our reporting is completely unbiased. Roskill has presence on every continent with offices in the UK, Germany and China.