Chris Ellis, Managing Director, DFin

At Financing the Stone: Capital Markets, Banks or Fintech? 23 November 2017
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Speaker’s Biography

Chris Ellis has had an investment banking career spanning over 20 years in London and the United States. For the last 9 years his primary activities have revolved around the financing aspects of the diamond industry midstream, previously at Consensus Advisors in London and the U.S. As a principal of Consensus in the U.S. he was extensively involved with the diamond and jewellery industry, undertaking advisory, restructuring and transactional engagements within the sector. These have included Chief Restructuring Officer roles, advising unsecured creditors’ committees in bankruptcies and numerous credit-related roles.

Need to know

Finance Solutions for the Diamond Industry. DFin provides finance solutions for participants in and capital providers to the diamond industry. Our team has broad experience across all financial aspects of the industry, including originating and structuring credit facilities, assembling loan portfolios and advising on strategic transactions and other structural changes. DFin has strong relationships globally with miners, rough and polished traders, cutters and polishers, jewellery manufacturers, distributors and retailers. At a time of secular change in the way the industry fnances itself, DFin is positioned to implement design changes in lending and borrowing practices.