Mining Digitization & Innovation

Dean Smith, Digital Transformation, Natural Resources & Transportation, Cisco
At Should Miners Adopt a Silicon Valley Mindset?
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Speaker’s Biography

With 28 years IT experience and 18 of them at Cisco Dean has had a varied career ranging from running & supporting a global IT organisation, Product Management to running an EMEAR global industries practice. For the last nine years Dean has been focusing on solution development around digitization for the industrial space mainly Oil & Gas, Mining and manufacturing industries with a specific interest and specialisation in the Mining/ process industries. Dean has worked with a large array of mining companies from large multinational to junior operators focusing on how digitization and technology in general can improve and help the industry evolve to be a safer and sustainable industry. Dean’s specialises in working with companies mainly in the operational areas to identify business, operational issues and then transforming these into solutions that can be benchmarked and repeated through an organisation to achieve clear business results and outcomes. Dean is the author and global vertical lead for Cisco Connected Mining strategy within Cisco globally.

Need to know

Lean operations, safe environments, and efficiency are essential for the mining industry – especially in light of fluctuating commodity prices. But it’s difficult to monitor and control production for large mines that are located in constantly changing, harsh environments. Managing equipment and assets and protecting employees is also challenging as your assets and employees might be spread out and disconnected. The Internet of Everything lets you do just that. This latest evolution of the Internet brings together people, processes, data, and things, to drive powerful business outcomes. These capabilities are yours with Cisco® Connected Mining.