Chasing the Curve - The Current State of the Oil & Gas Sector

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Julian Lee, Oil Strategist at Bloomberg presents a discussion on the challenges faced by oil and gas companies as a result of the energy transition, in particular on the independent companies as the world’s energy mix is on the brink of changing. Despite a decade of relative stability, with oil accounting for about one-third of primary energy demand and gas and coal heading up and down respectively towards a quarter, demand for hydrocarbon fuels has risen year after year but that may be about to end. Most forecasters now see the world’s consumption of oil peaking somewhere between the middle of this decade and the middle of the century, with gas following some years behind.


Julian Lee, Oil Strategist, Bloomberg


Katherine Roe, CEO, Wentworth Resources plc

Lionel Therond, Director Capital Market, CFA, Fox-Davies Capital

Bill Higgs, CEO, Genel Energy