Kay Ellen Consolver

Board of Directors, Kumbaya, Inc


Kay Ellen is an experienced NED in the oil & gas, mining and power industries, based on her 20 years as a senior executive at ExxonMobil and her work as an industry advisor and non-executive director.

In 2016, she was awarded the Certificate of Recognition in Worldwide Who’s Who’s, in 2015, Cranfield University School of Management selected her as one of “100 Women to Watch” in their ‘Female FTSE Board Report’ and in 2013, Brummell magazine honored her as one of 30 Inspirational Women on Boards in London.

Currently, she serves on the Supervisory Board of Thyssen Petroleum, with oil & gas properties in the U.S. and offices in Monaco to oversee the development of properties in the MiddleEast and as a NED for African Power Corporation, founded to invest in a diversified portfolio of power assets in Africa to address Africa's chronic power shortage. For the oil & gas industry, she has recently been appointed to Chair the Board of RAFT US, the US affiliate of the UK medical research charity founded in 1988 as result of the explosion of the Piper-Alpha platform in the North Sea.